Friday, June 10, 2011

to err is human

Seems like after coming back from my hols, there's just no mood anything much. Sure I am little sick due to the fact that I was sick before I went for my leave and the walking around under the sun doesn't help and usually when you travel you tend to drink less water plus fatigue from all the walking amounts to a very weak body.

But I have been very good boy - drinking lots of water, calling it a day early and also been surviving on things that are generally soup and tasteless. I have a feeling thats what I will be doing for this weekend as well. Rest, watch some TV and chill.

Then maybe I will figure out what I am doing or maybe not. Who knows, before I can get that figured out I will be away for another trip in roughly two weeks time.



William said...

Where to?

chaiminhuei said...

Just watched A Single Man again yesterday...