Thursday, June 02, 2011

A little goes a long way

Part of the battle that I have to go through on a daily basis (nothing to do with work or food) besides trying to wake up to run is the fact that I have to restrain myself from buying yet another thing that I don't need.

I have been clearing out my closet recently and selling off alot of great designer gears that I accumulated over the years thanks to the convenience of getting it from overseas and at a very cheap price. I guess the only good would be selling them without any loss or in some cases, making a profit from it because things in Malaysia are so heavily taxed that even an above average salary man like myself can't afford much.

That I think is my biggest problem. It's so easy to go 'oh it's so expensive here in KL so that is worth it' or 'oh I will never find it here in KL' and before I know it, I am typing my card CVV numbers and clicking on place order. And don't even get started on how I should be rewarding myself because of the stress at work or how hard I work bla bla bla. I still can't find the root to my shopping needs but at least I am tackling on some sort of solution.

The fact that I cleared out a portion of my salary once it hit the account means that I am putting away something more significant for those rainy days. But as for now, I can only admire these Lacroix scarves. It's really not that expensive, just around RM300ish one. That's the problem isn't it? 10 items at 300ish is already 3K. Oh well. Admire and that's all.




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William said...

Sikit, sikit, lama, lama jadi bukit.
Been some time since I bought underwear. Hehe.