Thursday, June 16, 2011

I DO get Fat

So I finally pull my arse up and went for running the other day. It felt good. In fact so good that it kinda put me in the mood for skanking but alas, there is nobody and nothing to skank with. I wasn't expecting to feel tired and in fact I knew that I will feel better at work - yes, running in the morning before work. Somehow I find no more excuse not to do so considering I only leave for work at 9ish in the morning. Yes, lucky whore.

But that triggered it most was the fact that I could no longer fit into my 1K suit and since I am a cheapskate, while I embraced being fatter, I cannot stand the fact that I cannot fit into that expensive pants which btw, I have gotten the mileage back yet from it. I think all in one I have only worn it 3 times. Max. So there, I am fat and I am planning to go down enough to fit into those darn size 30 pants. Just barely enough. Other than that, I couldn't care about anything.

So when I was reading some hoola boola circulating among gay blogs about something about this:

You are attracted to yourself/You aim to get the type of body you are attracted to

Oh god, I can't tell you how true that is...*making mental note* and yes there's count in nearly everything that resembles me. But then again is it a bad thing? I am just average and I love average. Sometimes average is best.

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