Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy 100th, Mr Ogilvy!

He is my inspiration.

He is the reason why I came into this line of work. And stayed as long.

He is the person I have the utmost respect and yes, love for.

Sorry Mad Men but this is the real deal. The real McCoy.

He is David Ogilvy.

*lights up a ciggie*



Hdaran said...

smoking again?

Vin said...

You work for O&M?

I was there for an interview earlier this week! :)

Keeping my fingers crossed. x

thompsonboy said...


Not smoking

Not working for O&M but I love David.

Vin said...

No idea what suit is, but since I'm not in creative, I guess I'm suit. Hahahah. Applied for AE post. The interview was okay. Knowing myself, I think I talked too much. Lols. Still waiting for them to contact me. Oh I hope I hope I hope!! ~

thompsonboy said...

Meaning you are a suit la. If that didn't work out, I know people who are looking for AEs.....just email me

Twilight Man said...

I landed in advertising not by choice and only heard of David after graduating from US. Silly me! Anyways O&M is not the big guns there.

thompsonboy said...

omg David is God. How can?

Vin said...

Oh whooeee! Thanks for the offer to help. But good news this week. I got the job! I'll be discussing details with them soon. Damn I'm excited. Hehe.

Twilight, likewise dude. Never thought I'd end up in the advertising industry, and yet here I am enjoying it! Lols. What are the big ones in the US?