Sunday, June 19, 2011


So on the subject of father that I find many sore points, not just from me but from my experience and what I see around me. But then that's expected anyway, mothers are a lot closer to to the sons and esp gay sons and its even more difficult to have some sort of decent relationship with your male parent if you are gay.

I am no doctor or expert so I won't go down the road of analysing the whys and hows but I do have to say that maybe some of the things that the so called expert said are true. Well, who knows since I don't really try and dwell in such things. I rather just get on with it and move on. My philosophy is very much of I don't disturb you, you don't disturb me and we shall live happily ever after. Don't get me wrong, my old man did alot for me and I wouldn't be the person and where I am without his help. Alot of his help but great relationship between us was and is never ever going to happen. One has to at least accept that to move on and make things better.

But then again, putting myself into a shoe of a father, I wouldn't know what to do. Heck, I don't even know how to be a boss. It's all so hard. I suppose it's easier to judge but once you are in that position or sometimes forced to be, you will see things from the other side. Maybe that's why I don't really care too much about kids nor do I want them. I think I will make a bad father. No point torturing someone else right? I suppose I can go on and blame the lack of good example but really, these things doesn't come with an instruction manual so everyone is going with it the way they see is best.

For those pondering, wanting or has become a father - good for you. While the rest of us will stay single and as well if I may say so. After all kids are like million dollar investment. I rather invest on me bags.

Then again, not everyone can pull of being (seemingly) a good father and still look hot and fabulous now can we?


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Vincent~ said...

mr brad looks horrible with the mustache, stress much?

anyways, yeah i am not close with my dad too... mayb there's a pattern here. =p