Sunday, June 26, 2011

Buying time

By the time this is up, I am well in my hometown having a couple of days off and probably drinking the night away. That's the time about going back home. You think and plan for the next trip even before one trip is over. You look out for cheap promo flights whenever you can and long for that day when you can just throw everything into a bag and hop and skip and before you know it, you are on board.

Back at home, the sight, sound and smell are different, you can almost feel the energy bursting from it and yet you are relaxed and almost at ease despite all the on-goings. You go to your fav stall, your favourite shop and do almost nothing and will also rush to do almost everything that you've done before.

There's just no way to describe home. It's not for all the cheap thrills or opportunity to behave shamelessly but it's about coming to a place where your heart really is. And that is home to me.


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