Thursday, June 30, 2011

All good things come to an end

So I am back again in the four walls of corporate prison just when a few days back all I have to worry about is making it back to the hotel in time to shower or chill downstairs at the lobby with other people who are chilling, namely topless Aussies and such while enjoying a bottle or two or three or four drinks before dinner. Just watching the cars past by and children and adults go by their life, walking along the lane.

I supposed we are quite a sight for sore eyes - in the midst of a long quiet and dark street, suddenly you have people chiling in front of the porch, smoking and drinking. It's all very relaxed and to me, thats just what heaven should be. Or least retirement.

Speaking of good things, well it ended lar but that's not my point...I am talking about relationship. But for those who doesn't knows me, I did a post previously on scent and true to what I've said, I have recently aquired a new bottle from my trip back 'hometown'.

It is certainly dead expensive, actually the most that I have ever paid for a bottle of 75ml but I love it. So it's priceless, aint it?

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