Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whores like me

One of the many little perks from serving a Scandinavian based company would be of course the supply of Scandiboys working on special or new projects. And sometimes, one of us sluts would be lucky enough to be assigned to such projects.

I am not one of those sluts but have been labeled a skank before when we were busy going on and on about how good looking our previous CEO is. Tall, blonde hair and blue eyes. Really, nothing to hate. I think I might have to agree with Hitler just on that part. Kidding one should agree with him but you get the dirty drift. So we went on and on about how proud we are to see him on papers compared to the usual ugly and fat bosses and not just good looking, he is pretty much a people person. He even said hi to me in the lift...hahah...I don't think he know who I am but rather the company that I am working for.

No idea what is it with them and the whole lot Scandinavian country that everything seems proper, clean, healthy, happy happy joy joy. Everything and everyone is nice. Everyone follows the rules. It's almost nauseating.
A friend did say that these countries have no characters but I think Swedish designs are pretty interesting esp their play with light and I am not talking just about Ikea.

Looks like I need to get my dose of meatballs soon. Sigh. Not that type. I wished though.



William said...

Job perks!

SynchingZincInc said...

At least something nice to talk about.

A Norwegian said...

Haha I enjoyed this post!