Monday, May 02, 2011

The start

That's the thing about me - while I might gag at the most superificial sugary sweet fake scenes from movies, I can still appreciate romances as and when it comes. That also doesn't make a 100% grinch as yet, I still believe in love and things sometimes do happen.

So joining billions of viewers last Friday, I was deemed unavailable at work (almost changed my out of office email status) and parked myself at one of the room with Astro and sat there watching the live telecast of that wedding while bitching away with another friend about the fashion and the faux pas. It was indeed a beautiful ceremony and I can't understand why people have to be grinchy about - just as much as I can't understand why people would want to line up for a product that cost just the same if you buy it today or tomorrow - it's all marketing tactic, limit the quantity and suddenly everyone turns into the zombie for the cult of Jobs. Anyway, as usual I digress.

So it's abit of wedding overkill when I attend one on the following day after - not exactly my favourite person in the world but I looked at it as part work (after all, it's a client) and kinda got there to witness the usual making of videos from proposal to the big day, you know the usual tea and church ceremony. It is of course very special to their close friends and I can appreciate that. Through it all, I love weddings (I even have a few ideas on how I would do mine...if there's ever one) and I really appreciate and respect two people who are lucky enough to be together and for taking that one bold step. There's just something so beautiful about a ceremony in times when things are becoming more frivolous, relationps become more taken for granted and everything is yesterday's news.

Somehow something about old fashioned a wedding still have it's significance in the world makes me feel that despite it all, miracles can happen. Love do exist. One just have to try hard enough and if it's God's will then, it will be. But perhaps most important of it all is the life long journey after the ceremony - royal wedding might be spectacular and all but a loyal wedding and subsequently marriage is all that one can hope for.

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And I just can't help posting this, so beautiful, after all the bride wore McQueen.
Picture Credit: net-a-porter/Alexander McQueen Bridal Collection

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