Sunday, May 29, 2011

The death of romance

This is something old which was shared a little while back then, this video by The Onion News Network fictionalize a terrible future in which the cinemas exploded with Katherine Heigl films due to some accident, with her usual selections of shitty rom coms. With titles like There & Back (ala Up In The Air), The Love CEO (pairing with usual suspect Paul Rudd), 30Love, Like Sisters, Holidaze, Venus & Mars (with Bradley Cooper) and other rubbish titles. Fictional it may be, for those who are exposed to hazardous crap like these all the time, you couldn't help but wondered if there is some truth to it.

To me, the genre of rom com truly died when I was forced to go through the very ugly Ugly Truth. I managed to guess the set up of the ending before the movies ends and that goes to show how formulaic it has become. Sure, these days it's abit more about being gritty with the likes of Hitch and He's Not That Into You but it doesn't change the fact that the movies has become nothing but crap. I don't mind abit of mindless sit down but these are just killing me. Not so much because I am single and I should automatically be envious of people falling in love but come on, am I supposed to be envious about such superficiality?

Maybe it's the age thing. I don't want to waste my time with rubbish and I don't take bullshits. And really, do you believe the usual gorgeous leading ladies such Kate, Katherine or even the Jennifers will have trouble finding love? Who are they kidding? And please, not another misunderstanding towards the end of the movie which will tear our love birds apart but then they made it just in time at end to make up and live happily ever after. Yawn.

But that doesn't mean I swear off movies completely, just that I don't bother wasting my time and money on one. I have nothing against people who watch them and boy, people do watch them else they wouldn't keep on photostatting these stuff. Just don't include me.

I believe true romance is really about everyday people, good looking or not. It's about tolerating each another in circumstance that are mundane and looking forward to doing nothing much at all. It's not always about having an ending or in many cases, not quite the happy one as well. It's not about having a villain or the good looking ones always get the girl or the boy or a setup in the most weird circumstances and not about having two complete opposites falling head over heels with each another and the usual bla bla bla.

And yes, I really can't stand that Heighlyhatever woman.

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