Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rising above

When you don't really care what's going on anymore at work and just getting by day after day because you have either given up on things getting any better or you have pretty much achieved everything you set out for - you don't get angry over little things and just let it be then you have risen above everything.

When you couldn't sleep at night sometimes and then think about how HE did you wrong and all the stupid things that you've done and all the signs and how much HE owed you etc and then out of the sudden, you just go like "whats the point counting all this? It will never be fair, I will never get back what I have given etc etc" and then totally forget about it then you have risen above all else.

When you have no care for and getting the latest accessory or dying to get this or that brogues or that leopard print thingy, I mean whats the point of getting something or even remotely excited over something that almost everyone on the street is having? In fact the more people wants it, the more it loses its appeal to me. I want things to be discreet, unknown or as close to me as a secret. I don't really care for anything to be 'in' or 'hot', I think I have risen above it all.

If you ask me what is the single most important possesion in my life right now, I can say that there's nothing. I know, I surpised myself but really if I am given the choice to only take one thing with me, I couldn't even think of one. Do I really need my phone THAT much? No use during war or famine. Do I really need my bags that much? Whats the price in it all? Nope. Nothing at all.

I mean seriously it takes alot more to get me excited these days. It never fails to amuse me to see children going OMG OMG at the likes of so called 'fashion icons' such as Lady Gag Gag or the Kardashians or whatever Beaver, you too shouldn't be excited about them unless you are 12 years old.

So what gets me excited? Just the weekend away from it. Go to Queen Bitch's house. Shut down from everything else and just watch TV, sleep and eat as and when I like. For nearly 2 days, my mind is completely free and there's nothing. It's a mind holiday from it all. Totally no care at all in the world.

After all, in order to reach Nirvana one has to have no care. Free from more desire to consume more and more, free from the shackles of the world. Free to rise above.


But then something hits me as I am writing this.

If nothing else matters to me, what is then the purpose of living anymore? Besides the obvious of course. What is the purpose?..........


Hdaran said...

Are you an atheist?

thompsonboy said...

nope...why you ask?