Saturday, April 02, 2011

The human spirit

Part of my work (without giving too many details) is to work with migrants because of the business that I am helping is actually to market a service to them. And part of doing that is to understand them. So there has been and will be what we in the industry call market visit. Now I've been exposed to them early in my life more than just the usual they carry things for you or do things at the side of the road and you just ignore their existence. I've seen how they lived and it didn't surpised me as much as it did to others when we see them in their actual living condition and surrounding that words can't decribe them, you have touch it and smell it, yes...smell it. To me, it's all very very sad and very very dangerous/dirty. The whole thing is just reeking of sadness. But that's just me. To them, it's life.

Which is why everything I think about them or when I see them, I am thankful for what I've been given. No matter how bad a day or how tough something turns out, it can never be worst than what others are facing. I cannot imagine a lifetime (very likely for the most of them anyway)spent on doing what they do, without the posibility of it getting any better. What kind of life can that be? I cannot imagine not having access to many things in life or more importantly the chance to make my life better.

Perhaps it's true that what they are getting would probably be 10 times better than what they can get at home but really, is that really that much of a consolation? But I can imagine their own people back home doing the same thing and being equally as strong despite of how hard life is for them. You would know what I am saying if you visit enough poor places in the world. Just carrying on with their daily lives. And yes, with smiles and laughter too. And yet some of us who have everything and anything can't seem to find happiness and gratitude.

These guys do what they can and live because something inside them is resilient. It's beautiful. And it never gives up or gives in. And that is the beauty of the human spirit.

I am truly humbled by it.



nicky05 said...

Fight for living. but some will never awake from slumber.

William said...

Out of sight, out of mind is normally what we subscribe to. Little wonder that the Catholic Church is pushing for awareness of the plight of the migrant workers.

Hdaran said...

There is a saying in Tamil that goes, "only when you see someone barefoot, you appreciate the torn slippers you have on"...