Monday, April 11, 2011

High to maintain

It's always interesting (and sometimes sad) when conversations turn to money and I felt very misunderstood sometimes when it comes to that subject but then again I don't think there is a person in the world that truly knows you, maybe my parents do. In fact they know me better than I give them credit for.

I know it's common belief that I spend alot of my hard earned cash into buying clothes and accessories - ok so who am I kidding, I even described myself as obsessed with frivolous things such a belt or cute bag - but liking something doesn't mean I am buying it. Or in my case, the ability to purchase them. I have to say that looking back at all my past posts, it feels good to know that I have grown and move on from many things and one of the nicest part is the ability to buy certain things now as opposed to just wanting back then.

However that doesn't mean that I am buying till the cow come home - not at all sir. I save and I usually splurge on one or two large ticket item and those items are usually of the finest quality and the best. What's the point of buying ten thousand small little cheap things that eventually end up in the bin or god knows where and at the end of the day, you have nothing to account for? At the end of the day, I might have less bracelet or sunglasses but they are here for a long time. My RayBan might have cost more than acme brand but it's already 2 years old. And I am still using it.

Besides, nothing is cheap here in Malaysia. Even the cheap t shirt that cost RM59.90 is expensive in my books. I would go for something like 10 or 20 bucks. Yup, that's how much I would pay for them. Besides I don't believe in buying things that can reflect how much you paid for them. Always buy things that look expensive but isn't and never pay for retail unless you are desperate. I scout the Internet for hours for the best deals or only wait for my overseas trip to splurge. And I always, always mix and match. Also cheap or expensive is a matter of taste, not price.

So really, who exactly is the one who is not smart with their money then? I can name people who for eg. sign up for gym for years and never go or those who are constantly out and about here and there for meals and buying little little things every time they are out. I chose to stay home for most of the time (save petrol, save parking, safe from temptation, save on expensive meals)and that is why I really resent it when people said that I am high maintenance or only go for expensive things. Well I suppose you can't change everyone's mind overnight, they gotta see it for themselves. I just hope I am not scaring people away just because I am smart with my money. Yes, I do spend them but in the wisest way possible.

Besides, it's my money and I have never asked or gotten any guy to buy me expensive things - the most expensive was a pair of shoes. Only because he wants to. And he was very sweet. Oh well!


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Hdaran said...

If it might help, I spend no more than MYR 30 for a T-shirt.