Thursday, March 10, 2011

Would you actually...

1. Have dinner/or a meal in the yourself?
I didn't think it's such a bad thing but then again I don't really eat out. To me, it's more of a social thing. If I am by myself, I would usually just 'dapao' and eat at home, in front of the TV. Unless of course I am on a holiday and have too much time to kill. Even that, I would rather go around shopping or something

2. Watch a movie...alone
Done that and have no issues with that. I don't see the point of watching movies with tons of people, you can't talk. Just sit there quietly in the dark.

3. Shop...alone
Best! Though sometimes a second opinion is nice to have...else, it's just me on my time looking at what I want and no need to wait for anyone or see things that I don't care for.

4. Spend Christmas/New Year or whatever important dates...alone
Again, I don't really see the big deal with these dates as much as Christmas is rather an important date for me. Just another day I suppose

5. Go on a holiday...alone
Never done that before. Was wondering if I could go down that road...could be a good thing but so far I am tired of company as yet. The very least, with one friend.

So the question here is are you equipped to live alone or always desperately looking for company? Kinda like if you see life half empty or half full...

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William said...

1) If alone, I would rather "bungkus".
2) I nearly watched alone, then a course mate joined me at the very last minute.
3) I usually shop faster if alone.
4) Never tried.
5) I think I would go crazy if I did not have someone to talk to while on a trip.

nicky05 said...

1. Tapao if really alone.
2. I download almost every movies. Don't like watching at Cinema alone.
3. Sometimes shop alone.
4. Every year the same. be there for each other.
5. this one really crossed my mind alot. I always thought want go a trip with backpack alone.hahaha

thompsonboy said...

Lucky lor..all number4 no issues

plainjoe said...

1. Whenever I feel like pampering myself with a good meal, I would make reservations, dress up and go out even if it means dining alone.

2. not much of a movie goer, one only visit the cinema when one is invited anyway...

3. oh, done that countless times! Nothing is stopping me from buying especially sales. Screw company as long as one gets that awesome pair of shoes, clothes, bags, etc...

4. Rather indifferent about it. One makes the best of it either way i.e. alone or with people.

5. Could never really mind holidaying alone...

In short, as much as self absorbed as this may sounds, one really enjoy one's own company. It's all about choosing solitude over loneliness anyway...