Sunday, March 06, 2011

So we meet again

To be realistic and frank with you, I recently met up with him in the name of passing something to him (and him passing something to me) and it wasn't all that innocent. Granted that I missed him really bad, so seeing him once again is some sort of relief for me. It started off really simple, I told him that I will call him to give him the low down on something he is working on and he has no plans and asked if we can meet up since passing back stuff is something high on his list (perhaps for the we-don't-want-to-owe-each-another-anything feeling but I think he won't be able to return back everything - mainly all the love that I've given him. Not so much the stuff that I bought for him. I am classier than that...I won't ask for anything back nor be calculative about it)

He was naturally as sexy and as cute as ever. Still the same boyish face that I fell for. We talked about anything and everything when finally I approached the subject on our breakup. There's alot of details which I will leave it for now. He also touched me now and then, nothing on purpose. It's just the way he is. I tried so hard to just avoid it. As much as I want to. It's just not going to help me get over him.

At the end I capped it off by saying that whatever it is, I will move on. Because I know him well. When he said no to anything, it will be final. There is no point of habouring hope that things will change. For now, I just can't let go of him completely as yet. Being this is nice. Just being friends. Just talking.

I went home feeling alright. It wasn't happy happy joy but it wasnt heartbreak either. Granted it's sad but it's still ok.

I am ok.

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