Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Killing myself

I believe something are destined. I wasn't feeling really up to anything (given the fact it was Monday) and it was pouring as I dashed back home. The mood wasn't that great as it is, the usual pub like always filled with the same sort of people, doing the same sort of thing - neck down, hands up, all eyes on their iCrack. Nevermind.

Then there's the annoying cigarette smoke, yes it's annoying to me that in a group of ten, I am the sore thumb out not puffing out anything. Hence my clothes and lungs naturally inherit all the second hand smoke. Fine.

So went back and try to tinker around before I go to bed. I fell deeper and deeper in what I suspect as depression. Yes, children. I am officially depressed and I am stuck there. So fuck that diet. Went and ate instant noodle in the middle of night. And had a banana as well while I was at it. Then I was happy for awhile. Can sleep. Best. I know this is hardly attractive but I don't care. There's alot of things that I don't care these days anyway.

And today I want to eat McDonalds's Spicy Chicken McDeluxe and make that double.

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikoshka_benuch/3527147749


Hdaran said...

sometimes you just gotta f**k it!!!

QUIK! said...

omg gurl wait for me i want Spicy Chicken McDeluxe DOUBLE.

kidz said...

erm... isnt that a little extreme? =p i mean food is still okay, u can burned it, but smoking... well minimal or none wud definitely be best.. =)