Thursday, March 31, 2011

Karma is a bitch

The thing I really like about all those LinkWithin is that when you actually own a blog that span more than a few years, it takes you back to many many memories. To be perfectly honest, I am really really tired of things around me. Too tired and busy to comment. But life goes on, no? But yeah, looking back did offer some sort of escapism (if there is even such word at all)

There's this one particular time when I bitched about a person who gave me hell at work and till now I will never forgive him for being the bitch that he is - despite him claiming that he gave me a chance and jumpstarted my career. Well, honey you didn't want to hire me at the first place, it was out of desperation and I was cheap. I am not ashamed to say that I was hired under those was the jolt that I needed. I got where I am today through hardwork and not cocksucking up like you and your cronies. People whom you think are talented can't even crack half of what I am doing. I've never looked back and see where I am now.

As for you, you grew too big for your head and thought you could handle a challenge. At the end, your career died and you had to crawl back to another place to accept you. You used to call the shots but now you are just a dog. How about that bitch aka your bff? Well known in this whole industry for being completely talentless? Career RIP together with you. Fell so low that she had to crawl all the way to some 3rd world country - only they think you are God but you are honestly nothing. I would like to see life punishes you more.

It's not enough. Karma is a bitch and it should be calling your name soon.

In fact both of you deserved another round.

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