Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just to clear the air

No pun intended:

1. I used to smoke but I am now over it.
2. A picture (or two, three, four) might say a little too much and yes while it has cigarettes innit doesn't mean I have fallen off the wagon. I am NOT back to smoking.
3. Yes, HE dumped me but that doesn't mean I am back to smoking. That doesn't mean I want HIM back or we will be back together.
4. I am still working and doing what I do best, just a little unhappy. That's all. But I am not smoking.
5. I am still drinking and shopping and buying too much things but I am still not smoking.

Err...that's all.


kidz said...

Ooo.. read ur previous entry wrongly.. haa.. =p

Happy Shopping!!

nicky05 said...

do you really need it?

Plain said...

Well, if you manage to quit, it's a good thing.