Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Too many questions

Relationship - what's the big deal and why do we sought after it? Is it the illusion that everything will be alright once we find the right person or was it just fulfilling a life-long fantasy of actually holding someone's hand instead of imagining it over a sleepless rainy night?

While many relish in the fact that they have finally found someone, but does that guarantee that everything will be hunky dory from that moment on? What if he is the complete opposite of how you imagined a relationship or even a boyfriend would be? Do you stick around and wait it out? What happenes when he doesn't like to hold your hands like most people do? What do you do when he tells you that he doesn't really enjoying kissing and how would you feel when you just brush aside comments such as "I miss you" or "I like you" and "I think about you today" and replaced it with just a sneer or worst "ewww"?

What can you do when he doesn't want to get committed to you as yet...does that mean he is unsure about his feelings or he just don't think you are the right one. How would you feel when you have been nothing but nice and usually get treated with less of what you really think you deserved? What kind of relationship is it then?

But most importantly, what if despite it all...all you can think of is how your heart melts whenever you see his picture or when you think about him? Is that what people called love? Or just plain stupid. Or maybe just crazy love?

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nicky05 said...

Why not just try it out and see how first. And dont smoke lor.