Saturday, January 08, 2011

So how now?

Sometimes in relationships, actually I should correct that because in fact in all relationships exist some sort of tension that has happened or will bound to happen. I have always thought that when it comes to my turn, things will be better or rather I have enough of mind to handle to it. But like all the things that I’ve thought I knew in the past, this has came and bitten me in the arse. Like all things.

The thing about tension and disagreement and all those not so fun and not nice stuff which I will lump together is pretty much how you handle it and how big of a deal it is to that person. Again right, I handle it like a complete unprofessional fool. But at the end of the day, there will always be things that you don’t like about the other person or things that need to change etc etc etc but how you pick up yourself from all that which will difference this relationship from another. In the midst of angers and spite, what you like about the other person at the first place is thrown out of the window.

So it’s about discussing it, and moving on from it. Point to remember though would be, never ask the other person to never again do something, as much as you dislike it. However you can suggest for them to try and stop and explain why it’s bothering you. If they still continue with it…then that’s another story altogether. And that would be another post.

But for now, how do we get from here to somewhere else?


William said...

Smoking issues?

Janvier said...

Easy to say, difficult to get done: compromise where possible!

thompsonboy said...

No smoking issue here. I quit remember. Yes the tip here is COMPROMISE and shut the fuck up.

QUIK! said...

Shut ur beak!