Friday, November 12, 2010

Restrain is a virtue

I think a lot of times esp when it comes to dealing with things in my life, it has always been instant, now now and come right this second. I suppose part of the reason being we live in a I-want-it-now world/fast food generation that any form of delayed gratification is considered a waste of time. And to be fair, in a fast moving world today, one would not expect to wait and who knows what will happen tomorrow. Who knows if there will be a tomorrow, tomorrow.

This and also been reading up on some blogs and some people commented on how they would speed up on their relationship or dating, jump into the sack on their first date and so on. I am not saying that doing all that would run into the risk of a fast in and fast out relationship but rather made me questioned how did it work out for some and not for others. I do know of people who don't really have so called rules but stayed on in a relationship and are still in that relationship.

In the world where this morning's news are considered stale, what really defines speed when it comes to relationship? Should we be restrained from doing certain things because the time is not right as yet? Or should we just follow our gut feel and do and get it done and over it? Being the management type of person that I am, I usually tend to follow the get it done approach but somehow it doesn't really work nor applicable to everything. It doesn't work with me (at least) because I do tend to get clouded with emotions and the need for fulfillment that perhaps sometimes I am rushing just for the sake of rushing.

I never did thought about what do I do when I get there. Yup, so what do people do anyway when they get there? But that's a question which I will learn of the answer when I do actually get there. I am asking questions ahead of the situation already (see, see impatient o' me) But for now, I am trying to take things slow and let things simmer gently and not get overexcited. Not think too much or ask too many questions. It takes a lot of courage, self confidence, trust and also patience.

This is new territory for me but I think it's worth it.


William said...

Many rest stops along that highway. :D

thompsonboy said...

It's a long journey I guess