Monday, November 08, 2010

Reflection me not

I should know. Of all people in the world I would be the least or last to reflect back on things. I know, things move so fast that you just don't have time or could be bothered. Yes, from time to time though I will look back into certain subjects and usually about days gone by.

This subject is quite apt seeing that I have bounced back from death so to speak via my blog and I don't know what made me bring it back to life. Could be something that is happening with my life or I am at crossroads. Or just maybe that I am getting old but who knows. The last 3 years have been a blast while I have been missing from my blog. Lots of fun, ups and downs but overall it was good.

Looking back, I am not the same person and the Internet itself is not the same anymore. There is something called Facebook and Tweeter and suddenly blog seems so yesterday. At least mine has no significant contribution to the world, so why am I wasting disk space somewhere far far away, tucked inside a server located in god knows where country?

Anyhowwwww....who knows how long this will last.

1 comment:

Bengbeng said...

Wow u really made a comeback after such a long break. I see no reason for u to stop anyway if it gives you pleasure and is an avenue for you to express yourself :)

Keep the posts coming :)

Regards : Bengbeng