Wednesday, November 24, 2010

If you think about it from a bad light

There are sure to be things that you will bother you so I had the conversation whereby it went like some things are nice but the things that are not so nice is usually the more interesting or shall I say get picked on. It's very much a matter of if you can live with it or it being a deal breaker and a no no in a relationship.

Then the right attitude would be to focus on the bigger picture - why you like that person at the first place. All said and done, is he worth the trouble (yes, I use the word trouble because it's never and not going to be a smooth joyride all the way)?

These are the questions that I asked myself and I found myself being petty and getting all tangled up with the details and the little things. But of course there are bigger things as well which I am keeping it on the back of my mind. Many which only time can tell and something that again will build on over time and experience with one another.

I am however not making any rash decisions as yet - this is very much a look see look see time....and all I can do is keep it in view and yes, look see look see first lar!

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