Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dangerously LOW

And I am not referring to my bank account though I must say that it is in the same old sorry state. It just doesn't help when you go online and look at stuff and before you know it you are checking out yet again. Someone asked me what do and where I usually shop and thinking about it again, nope I have not really shop for a long time, nothing major at least other than during my few trips overseas. That is mainly bargain shopping.

Think I digress too much and what I wanted to say is that I've recently found these super low and dangerously eye poking pants and jeans during my many hours of online bargain hunting and I have to say that even I have a limit when it comes to low.

The thing about low rise pants/jeans is that it totally helps me and those fellas out there who is not blessed with the most voluptuous rear end. I mean bubble butt I am not and hence we need every lift there is out there to help and low rise is the best solution.

From the front (minus the buff body of course), it looks good (not that anyone need any lift) and the best part of all is that being all typical gay that I am, the length is just nice for those small t shirts with a little peep space for the belt.

There are also some shorts that are designed with low waist and I am crazy about them as well. It's not so pronounced if you wear regular shorts with a flat butt but you can still get away with it. But the problem with low rise is that far and few is available and most of the time, I ended up buying girl's shorts. Which is ok. They are cheaper and nicer in design. Just watch out for the room for crotch and the super small or non existence pocket.

And yes, these cuts are obscene but let's face it. You can't stop staring at them now can you? I would never wear anything as tight the lesson here is low is good but don't go too low until your butt crack peeps through and for god sake let your tools breath. Unless of course you are a frequent club queen looking for a laid.

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Janvier said...

We've only tried on low-cut pants twice, and hurriedly got out of 'em.

And yeah we'd still enjoy 'em on others....