Saturday, November 29, 2008

The real reward

So I just attended my 3rd annual local industry award show yesterday.
I was there for the free beers and a lil reunion with old friends in the circle and meeting new friends there. Somehow or another this particular award show has gotten me a little disenchanted over the years as you can really tell who is going to win - I mean for crying out loud, champange/drinks was laid out on the soon to be winners' tables even before the whole ceremony takes place (a little modesty won't hurt). And it's no suprise year after all, it's those with connections or should I say in the judging panel will surely go home with something.

Perhaps their work is really good - some of them are but there are some which is equally as good if not better that doesn't win. Yes, every entry that you see is a result of months of hardwork and agony. Guess that's the thing with competition. Alot of luck is needed and there's always a loser. Maybe the judges know better, maybe that's why they are paid thousands as executive creative directors for many agencies but just because they are ecds doesn't mean they are God. I am sure and know of some who are nothing but just names.

Like I have always said, if you are daring/shameless enough to do something or ask for something then you deserved it. They are alot of people who are against all these acts of patting each another's back aka awards show / scam aka fake ads but at the essence of it all, it is still very important for my creative team because it's the test of what they can do and it constantly challenges their capability to produce great work.

As I told my copywriter during the radio ceremony - his work is still the best in my opinion. It makes me and the client laugh and get sold within the 1st draft whenever he presents it. The voice over talent had a field time recording it and it's entertaining (as per feedback from people in the street). To me, that's the real reward already.

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Mannpriedo d'Saintner said...

It's not a matter of winning, it just shows that you have at least worked hard to show people the best of your efforts. At least some people can appreciate your efforts even if you don't win.