Monday, September 01, 2008

Settling, settle and settled

When a gal like me has everything going for me and nothing else is at wants, what more can I rant or write? Perhaps it’s true that you would have the most opinions and angers when you are younger but at a certain age and time of your life, things are going on so rosy that you have no major complains but to sit down and sip everything in like a wonderful afternoon tea by the porch.

Sure there is always the government to complain about but then you have plenty of opinions and blogs flying around screwing this party or that party. All I know is that we are all screwed with whichever party that takes over and the only party that we can all trust is party.
I’ve never been at any time of my life so satisfied with everything as I am now and couldn’t help but to wonder if there’s anything more. Of course there will always be this bag or that jacket or this accessory to buy but that’s just by passing and not some soul shattering and life changing event or things that is worth pondering life over. Though I must say that I have spent fair amount of time obsessing over them which then technically make them quite worthy now in that category of soul and life changing etc etc.

Perhaps nothing is better than everything which kinda makes your head spins too much before you can even digest them. Those everything and little things are known as relationship or family or even a house loan could be another phase or measurement that everyone has to and known to take as part of growing up. But frankly I don’t think I want them, I don’t think I am ready for them and I don’t even want to think about them. But one has to think how long more before you can avoid them come crashing in to you.

Maybe another year, or two. I don’t know. All I know is that it’s nice not bothered to worry about them at all now. So in the words of some people I know, “ I is happy”.


savante said...

You can write about the things that you love :)

Janvier said...

S'great when you can feel satisfied with what you have now, innit? :D