Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I want raccoon eyes!

Yes I do!

It's nice to see some familiar faces (you go girl!) in the midst of all these thrash that kids like...I mean like who the fuck is this slag Miley? I mean I can understand if she's pretty and hot but she isn't. Her face is flat and talentless. Talentless is forgivable but pretending to be otherwise is just crap. I like my popstars slutty and all. No point pretending to not like cock when she obviously do (just google for all her 'scandal' pictures).How about these Jonas Brothers (eyerolling pretending to be good Christian shit stint on Oprah, like puh lezzz, they obviously banged all their groupies) or worst still, Porcupine head aka Tokio Hotel, like hello, what kind of name is that? They probably spend more time on makeup and hair than their music. Then again, what music?

The 90s was fabulous. At least we have pop groups who never pretended to be anything else but pure manufactured talentless music machine. It was all about slutty and sex. Not like these fakes.

Oh well, at least Xtina was entertaining. Love love love the raccoon eyes.



savante said...

OMG! How did Xtina get so tall! Or are the cute guys there all midgets?

Anyway I have my eye on an expensive zara woolen ankle-length coat about 800 bucks, should I get it?

William said...

Bisa diatur!

Leon Koh said...

just to mention I am regular reader.. how about adding this new follower thing into your blog?