Sunday, June 22, 2008

Contrasting Life

It has been exactly a week since my return from a beach trip. That’s a week of hardwork and toil worth and I remembered clearly a month ago that I was looking forward to that excursion just right after coming from another. At the end, the sun tan is now packed away and the fedora cleaned and waiting for perhaps another trip that is yet to be planned.

Things couldn’t be more different in just one week as I’ve found myself thinking about how can it be that it was 6pm and I was rushing for yet another deadline when just last weekend, at approximately the same time I was just lazing under some cabana facing the beautiful sea while soaking in the sunset with thoughts of a lazy stroll back to the forest engulfed chalet for a shower and then dinner by the sea after that.

But it was the hard work that actually pays for the holiday so since I am back to reality, there’s plenty to catch up as always there is yet another campaign to be launched and as always it’s the full works but truth to be told, the sheer amount of the campaign might just be the biggest that I’ve ever handle, well then again it’s not really my project but I am just helping out. That and also some other projects for the next important quarter. As un-compelling as it sounds, I just have to remember to remind myself how lucky I am to be in this line even though lucky is sometimes the last thing I would feel when the client request for yet another revision or play creative director.

Till then, I have the weekend (but not for long as I just finished 1 of the many shoots on Friday till midnight) to just dream away for awhile. There was this feeling that I had in speed boat last week at night as it races through the dark waters under the moonlight, everything was bright in a dark way with the wind running through my hair and cold dewy after rain air splashes on my face, it was magical. There was no way that I can describe that moment. Yet I know at that moment I want to keep its description alive somewhere. The feeling and the experience is just one of a kind and something that I know I will not be able to capture, not anytime soon but will miss for a very long time. I guess that’s what doing things out of the ordinary do to a person. As much as I am busy running around, I shouldn’t to live life a little.



savante said...

Kewl poster. Did you make it yourself?

joshua said...

Like ur last line struck me so hard!