Monday, May 19, 2008

Staying true to it all

I’ve found myself wishing that I was away instead of being where I were this late afternoon driving past the easy and lazy holiday traffic listening to Spiller. That tune Groovejet was of course a very big summer hit years ago and brings back the memories of being in an exotic distance land (as per the video). Just less than a week coming back from a holiday and I am not settling too well into the rhythm of things having just fully unpacked everything the day before.

One thing is for certain, this coming week will be the actual assimilation into the usual pattern of work and life as hectic as it was coming back, I was caught up in the storm of a new campaign and immediately found myself in a back to back and round the clock two days outdoor shoot. The drive today was to have the first view of the footages which the director has put together for the 1st round of approval. Everything looked fine and was going according to schedule and if only my mind were the same.

This week also find Fei Mui leaving once again which usually signals the end of a party for all of us but then again times passes so fast and surely he will be back again before you know it with so much happening at work for everyone involved. More interestingly there’s yet more holidays in the horizon in the upcoming months which means there’s something to look forward to and I have to really tighten the string around the credit card as I have just recovered from this much needed beach holiday. No new revelation when it comes to holidaying but I’ve managed to do plenty of things that I will never do or imagine doing in this lifetime. There’s certainly nothing like having a drink from the moment you land at lunch time till you retire at night. A drink when you are walking from one stall to another, a drink when you are chilling out in the pool and a drink to wash down all the spicy food at dinner. So here’s to more drinks next month when I hit the duty free beach holiday which hopefully I can chill more at the beach seeing this trip was abit of a let down with the bad weather.

But one can’t really complain for the sake of complaining as there are more people out there suffering the wrath of Mother Nature and not just from the lack of sun tan. I was just talking to the girls after sending Fei Mui off about how tiresome it is to be a miserable git and I hope that I would never morph into one of them despite having more than the average in comparison to many people out there . We are all of course very lucky to be where we are and doing the things that we do. Great jobs, great friends and great times is something that I told myself never to lose sight of and hope that I will never stop to appreciate. It’s very easy to wallow in the smaller things and loses perspective of the bigger picture.

I could just go down on my knees and be grateful for all that I have and glad that very soon I will be taking out my straw fedora for spin. Just like how I imagined it to be this afternoon.



savante said...

Always good to count your blessings :) Makes ya appreciate all you have.

Buaya said...

Glad you had a good holiday... Now it is my turn... :p

William said...

well very interesting blog to read. Keep it up dude.