Thursday, May 01, 2008

Friends or Foes

Someone once said that with siblings you have no choice as you are born into it but with friends you can choose your own. With some many choices though, it begs to ask why some people are hanging around with those that are two faced, backstabbing and just plain what you should not be labeled as friends.


I think the worst and the scary part of it all is that most people don’t even begin to have any idea what true friendship means at all and they call it friends. I mean how many best friends can a person have? Some see it as numbers or conquest. Some see it as a platform to grow their social circles so that they can be ever popular while others see it an opportunity to belong to any clique so that they won’t feel like a loser or outcast while others are scarily trying to keep their enemy close by befriending them. These tricks are not what you call friendship, it’s just pure evil or at some cases really really sad.


But then I guess the friendship and all the feuds can be viewed as something fun if you are that sort of people who marvel in pain. Paris and Nicole become hotter when they are no longer BFF and are quoted against each another. It seems like the world enjoys abit of bitching and fighting but how far we should take fiction back to our very own reality? Doesn’t it feel like school when you go “I friend you” and then “I don’t friend you” with all these juvenile drama?


You would think that since you left school, one would be more mature to handle relationships of all sorts but it might just surprise you if your probe deeper and harder and find out that a lot of people don’t really have anyone who is close to them apart from their partners and some are even estranged from their family. I certainly can’t imagine what kind of life that would be for them but one thing is for sure, I don’t have time for all these dramas.

Why can’t everyone just be with those who are nice and those who are sincerely caring? Friendship is about accepting each another’s flaws and being for each another when one fall. I cannot imagine my life without friends and there’s not one moment when I go to bed at night that I feel bad for ever doing anything wrong to them and I know for a fact that they will never do the same as well. That’s the kind of full confidence that you can have when you ledge yourself on friendship that are of love and truth.

A person doesn’t need 500 friends on Facebook or 20 “gym buddies”. All they need is a handful quality and just pure good human being which you can call a friend and that is more than enough.



William said...

450 friends to go!

savante said...

Takes a while before to realize who's a friend and who's plainly an acquiantance.

jasmin said...