Monday, April 28, 2008

Sometimes you wish it would have lasted

Weekends are great. It gives you a chance to recuperate and rekindle tides with your loves one and leaves you very a little time to indulge in those things that must be put aside for most part of the week in the pursuit of an income. I must say that however invited the weekend rule must be applauded indeed though the Sabbath or rather Sunday has always been commissioned as a rest day since the Bible time and Saturday is a welcome addition indeed.

Having said all that, sometimes you just feel that it’s just not enough. No matter how long or how very often you come to it. Or in my very own case, how much I love my profession, a break is always welcomed and indeed sorry when it concludes. There’s always the usual to do but someone must be brilliant to say that time indeed passes by rather quickly when you are at ease and enjoying yourself.

Sundays are like a ritual for me, hardly go out but will spend most of it in front of the telly or in bed. There will be meals in between and then abit of cleaning followed by more telly and then at night, I would be dreaming away of the things that I could have done if I weren’t working. For e.g. I could write more or even read this and that book. Then there’s this and that thing to organize. Or how about work or ideas that needed to be thought of for Monday? Its things like that which we don’t think of from the moment the clock ticks to 6pm on Friday till now.

Most of the times however I do not fret too much upon it as things always get resolved at the end. But somehow I can never understand that feeling, that anxiety, almost turmoil like when you are entering into Mondays unless of course it’s yet another holiday. Perhaps they are indeed brilliant again to call Monday the blues which somehow cannot be shaken away and it would be a continuous cycle of ups and downs

But since I still have a little time left on my end, I shall endeavor to enjoy it to the fullest capacity. To do what exactly, I am not sure but sleep is the last thing on my mind. Oh, we will all come to our senses soon and accept that things like that can’t be avoided but sometimes you wish that all the good things like weekends, sleeping in late and meals at irregular time could have just lasted a little longer

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William said...

My Sundays are never lazy affairs.