Sunday, April 06, 2008

Things to do and see before one die

Oh, so little time and yet so many things to want, buy, do, touch, lick and do whatever your heart desires and though it has been said many times and again that life is short and unpredictable so one should make full use of it before it ends just like that, a lot of us will wait. There’s always tomorrow in our mind and somehow something is pushed for next week. Or next year. Or when I reach 45 or when I start earning 10K per month. Do we think that we are almost invincible? But we go around buying insurance and get things like that prepared but what is the use to all those things when you are six feet under?

Not to be mistaken for a depressing post but rather a delightful one as I reflected on the past few weeks about how fortunate I am to be in the state that I am and doing things that I’ve never thought possible or even thinkable years ago. I had the privilege to embarrass myself recently when my group celebrated the boss’s birthday by going skating.


So I was far from being airy ala Jessica or body bending licious Madonna style but rather lean more towards the public humiliation affair and so sorry for my ass situation as I’ve found out how hard it was to fall flat on a flat arse. But all said and done it was quite a funny situation which I would have never placed myself at for a million years if it wasn’t for some crazy idea by some crazy people. Yes there was a few of them who rather sit at the sideline looking pretty but I’ve figured that since I was all dressed up for it (white shorts some more), what’s abit of falling will hurt? I can report now that it’s sore and bruised, not in the pleasurable way.

Now before the girls roll their eyes at me, I have to clear the air before any accusations are thrown at my face. Part of getting somewhere requires you to work hard and very hard indeed. But the other tiny small small equation goes to doing your homework right – all the PR and smart moves and this is one of them. No one on earth should miss their boss’s birthday when invited and not especially a fun one like mine. And it wasn’t work at all because I love my bosses but still, a smart move is a smart move.

Because of this smart move, I got myself landed on a casting situation. The party was attended by some film production guys and one of the directors spotted me and asked me to go for casting for a commercial. Now typically you would go Omg! Omg! Omg! But let me tell you, casting or being featured in a commercial is everything but easy. Not when they require you to give them facial expressions. I’ve seen first hard how hard they have to work and some people just can’t act. So the shoot will go on to late at night and when everyone is tired, everyone gets cranky. It’s no easy money.

So I found myself on the other side of the production today and I shiver to think of all the nasty comments that other people will have over my casting video. I mean, I certainly bitched and commented nastily before but then again the difference is I am not disillusioned like some of them until the point that I think I am so good looking and shit. It was really gruesome trying to act in front of a camera and at the end I think the casting director lost his patience and was quite pissed at me because I keep on missing my cues but hey, I did said I am from agency and I am no actor.

The only reason why I was asked to go for it was because the director is looking for an uncommon face i.e. weird and strange ones which I so happen to fit the bill. I doubted that I will make the cut, I wouldn’t mind trying because the money’s good to buy a new fabulous bag but reality check lets you know better. All said and done, it was all good experience considering two weeks ago I had a shoot at a very different outdoor location and saw how a poor talent is being tortured to death. I can just hope that there will be more boards in the future that require stunts, exotic locations, props and bigger production work. If I can’t work in front of a camera, behind the scenes as the driving force to getting one done is good enough for me.

My new commercial (my last one was 2-3 years ago) will be aired next week and I just can’t wait. What will be next?


m5lvin said...

Post da ad when it's out...!!

William said...

When you mentioned skating, I thought of "Goldmember". :P

Yeah, do let us know about the ad.