Sunday, April 20, 2008


As I was having my instant noodle the other day even though it was late and I shouldn’t be eating, a thought came over me. It’s not often that I managed to reach home before 12 (if not work then it would be drinks) but I did so a nice little supper is in order and the menu of the night would be chicken flavored instant noodle with an egg, the yolk abit runny. That’s simplicity to me. Simple happiness found in a bowl.

Simplicity is about having two slice of hot toast with thick butter spread across them and as it melts, you crunch into them and taste the slight bitterness from the burnt bits and the salty velvety texture from the butter. Simplicity is also about having two nicely and evenly scrambled goldenly yellowy eggs that is neither too runny nor too dry. A teeny spread of them just on top of a small piece of toast with butter is just pure basic bliss. Either that or some half boiled eggs seasoned with ample white pepper and soy sauce and you just dip your crunchy toast into them. That’s simplicity. Taking all those in on a raining day is comforting. On a holiday when you wake up slightly late and coupled it with some fresh juices is simply indescribable.

That’s basic, simple and simply fulfilling. If only all things in life works like that. Maybe it’s not anyone’s fault but my own. I looked around and see all the things around me. Some new CDs, some new clothes here and there, some DVDs that I’ve recently gotten and also the thought on some new purchases makes me stop and think for awhile. Watching TV (The Hills, Gossip Girl) and looking at all people in the show – always after the latest things, being the hottest and trendiest. It is extremely tiring when you are always on the lookout for the latest high. But there’s nothing wrong with them. Just tiring and sometimes leaves you thinking whatever they are for. Yet you know deep down if it were all to be taken away from you, you might not feel as bad as you might think you would.

Then again, a person who has nothing has nothing to fear. But I am not a person with nothing. I am a person who is always looking for the next best thing and the one thing that I can never have. As cliché as it sound, simplicity/happiness is simply appreciating and wanting what we have and that is why I can never be simple.

Simple is difficult. Maybe that’s a flavor of life like all the various instant noodles. With eggs. Naturally.

P.s. all these deep thoughts are just so NOT me. Maybe I am tired of everything. Tired of the city. Need a getaway soon.


savante said...

Damn, it's time we all took a break. I'm becoming crabbier at work as well.

Buaya said...

I am back~~~ :p

And I am going to finally meet you in person~~~ :p

Any other cyber/blogger friends to meet? :p

William said...

A bowl of piping hot soup would calm me down...