Sunday, March 16, 2008

Not quite the same again

Of late, there’s just way too many on goings that went right being upfront uncomfortable down to my very veins and nerves. The people in general have welcomed a new arrival and change with anticipation and hope for the better. The best thing about being a human is that we have hope that afloat and carry us through all the difficult time to beyond. But it is with this same hope that many were lost in mission for hunt of the pasture that has more green. It is also the same hope for change that never materialize for the Cuban when Castro seize the government and you can still watch those black and white clips of people dancing and celebrating on the street. The future and possibilities were endless. Fast forward to HD TV and Internet TV age, nothing much has change; people are still poor and still hoping for change.

But that’s just one instance and typically if it’s not the change in government then it would be the one in everyone’s daily lives. At least it doesn’t wait for every four years to do so. There has been and will be more changes at work as people start to move around and one can only look forward (technically I don’t look forward to these things but what choice do one have?) to more farewells. I guess it’s much easier for the person who is leaving as they don’t carry any baggage with them and can start afresh.

Those who are left behind have to pick up the pieces and carry on to fill in their void and shoes. All that with a heavy heart which you know will never be filled with anything else that comes along. They say that the beauty of this agency is that people who truly love the place but had to leave on due to career move decisions will always come back. And that I would not disagree for I have meet so many ex staff from the agency – way before my time. But all I can say is that things will never be the same again. It’s not the same as working together at 12am trying to meet your deadline and laughing over some silly jokes with a cigarette by side as compared to meeting outside work once in a blue moon for drinks.

It’s very sad that when you start to learn to care for the people that the people start to leave you. I doubt that many can feel that way about their workplace and colleagues but it’s just something that you won’t find somewhere else. Everyone who is sensible and reasonable agrees that there’s just something special about this place and with their people. One can only hope that the new generation of staff that comes in will not erode this culture because how an agency is (good or bad) is dependent on their people and I am not about to let this place go to the dogs even though bitches are appearing here and there. That I guess is fit for another story.

What a boy is to do but embrace change? Like it or not, it’s coming so better be strong about it. Step up and step on it. Change is not always a good thing but it's not something that we can control. Just have to be wise about it.


savante said...

It's always good to embrace change.

William said...

I have a kinda of love-hate relationship with my workplace and colleagues. Currently, I hate it.