Sunday, March 30, 2008

By choice

One of the best thing about being a single twenty something or rather late one at it , living in a city and earning considerably decent amount of money with no care in the world is the ability to do what I like and make the choices that I want. One case for matter is that ironing a pile of clothes nearly and always does kill me and hence I’ve decided to stop even though I am halfway towards finishing. I mean, I have enough in the closet to last me for a month anyway so why push myself over something so trivial?

How about when you feel like pigging out in KFC or the sudden rush of finishing work as soon as possible and take the fastest route to the mall for a session of therapy – you can just do it and be far from apologetic about it. However there is some things that even a self proclaimed fabulous single twenty something have to do and more than often it comes either as part of the job or just the because one has to be adult or man about it.

I have to confess that again of late, my work is killing me abit and I am struggling to fit into my new roles. Yes, I have passed the 3 months critical threshold but now there is another one for me to get through. My tempers are shorter and my energy becomes less as I go through entertaining the ever unreasonable demands from clients while trying not to kill them in the process. Really, I haven’t felt as tired as this before and even though my mood swings are getting worst, I acknowledged this as part of my test to become a better ad man. So like it or not, it’s a choice that I’ve made and I have to stick to it.

It is also a choice of mine to finally succumb to sleeping for the entire weekend save for yesterday I had to drop by a studio to view some work. Supposed to be back to Ipoh for the annual Ching Ming but I just had to postpone my rendezvous with my late ancestors. Driving back there, dig some dirt and driving back to KL would kill me if I have to complete it this weekend.

So, like it or not this week will finally be the closure of all the things that I worked for in the new campaign. I so need to take one of two days off and perhaps do nothing or just go shopping or something though shopping is certainly the last thing that I should be doing after I saw the figure (without ‘s’) in my saving account. Even carefree man needs to save. Now that’s one choice that is hard to stick to.


William said...

There's always a figure, but just that we must be focusing on the digits. Heh.

savante said...

Just wish we could suddenly get a windfall :) Time to hit the Magnum 4D :)