Monday, February 11, 2008

Cheap and Chic

I have done a few rounds of shopping of late despite the busy schedule that I have kept prior to the holidays and many of them included childbearing like pain that was inflicted upon this thing called the Visa card but I am proud to say that each and every one of them was worthwhile.

Either it’s something for the parents or the sister or me, me and me. I still can’t get over the fact that I have spend like nearly 500 bucks for my combined trip to Parkson but it was worthy as the outcome was not just 1 or 2 or 3 but in totality, 5 long sleeve shirts and one polo t-shirt. Then there was the 30 bucks worth of fedora hat, 5 and 15 bucks belt which looked totally nice on me and all and all made me felt like I am actually quite a smart shopper and really saving a lot. I know, the last statement actually made people cringed but the fact is I am going to spend anyway so I might as well make it worthwhile and smart.

But my best purchase yet would be the one I made in F.O.S. Yes, ladies and gents you have not read me wrong and I have not gone made. Nor have I made any typo mistakes though there was plenty on grammars but anyway, I do have to say that as to be someone who can be considered as a good shopper, you should not be afraid to go through bargain bins, fights for discounts and rise up to the posh shops when the occasion requires one to. I have managed to secure great bargains in the past before and it’s a place that I would go from time to time. You won’t find things there all the time but once in a blue moon, you will hit the jackpot. Really, the purchase alright because for 23.90 I found myself the new owner of a pair of crazy plaid/check shorts and lately I am a mad fan of those shorts which Edwina was already sporting years ago. That girl and I really see eye to eye when it comes to a lot of things in fashion.

Back to the story, the bigger deal than the 23.90 shorts was of course I saw this bargain which I can’t take my eyes off and it was walking around looking for shorts as well. Clad in a navy blue just fitting Lacoste polo shirt and dark khaki shorts was the perfect looking guy for me. The hair was short and the face was just fine. He was wearing my favorite pair of brown trainers from Adidas. As I was circling the island of clothes, I look at him. As I was walking away in and out of the changing room, I can’t help but look out for him and to steal yet another glance of his perfect face but at the end of it, I can nothing but just walk away.

But as I was walking away, the thoughts that I had in my mind was how refreshing it is to actually see something that I like in the shops apart from a new bag or belt. I have not felt this way for a very long time now and trust me, I am not the type that cruise with my eyes and I certainly don’t look at pretty faces for more than a second or two. So what if they are hot or good looking. But this fella is a different case. Not entirely different because he fits the profile of the person that I have been going after all my life. The scary thing is he actually looked like someone whom I have a crush on long time ago and the whole package actually resembles many of the guys that I like. And of course it resembles the guys that don’t like me back in return.

I mean I like the relaxed look and the whole put together ensemble but doesn’t appear too put together but is it my style? I doubt I would be complete without my clashing arrays of colors and belts and bags that shouts queen and queer from three blocks away. His style is a HUGE and FAR cry from those that I labeled as rubbish gay which coincidently was there as well and God save me from the sore of looking at their combat pants or tops with words and paint splattered over it and the muscle/sleeveless t shirts.

Sadly these designer polo wearing English speaking guys are only looking for the types that mimic them in the mirror. The queens are for good laughs and friends but never the boyfriend. I have never considered changing my style and it’s never really an option for me. Maybe it’s easier to change taste instead and I am no picky eater. They don’t have to wear or even own Lacoste but the ability to comprehend and converse in English is a must.

As I lie here in my room looking at my closet and the clothes that I own, it dawned on me that I have came a very long way since my rather unsophisticated early days and I would like to think that I am so much better than I was used to. My taste has evolved over the years and I am more defined as the years go by. I would like to think it is the same with men as well. As I take fashion risks from time to time, I have learnt to be careful and not go overboard because there’s a fine line between daring and tacky. With men, I’ve learnt to throw myself out there completely when I like someone but never expose my heart like the way I used to. And sometimes you might hit or miss just like my bargain bin hunting and once in awhile you might just end up with the great bargain that is for keeps. So the trick is never stop shopping and looking.

And what was I wearing on that occasion? A baby blue t shirt from Philosophy circa 2004 with simple design on the side in dark brown matched with white SEED way above knee length shorts and completed with a thin yellow ribbon belt that I bought from Forever 21. The shoes are blue patterned canvas sneakers from Ted Baker. I thought it was fabulous. You know, relaxed and put together ensemble look but doesn’t appear too put together.

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