Sunday, January 20, 2008

One day too many




But then I have my friends and more.

So the whole week actually started with a weekend getaway with my colleagues or should I say friends at work to celebrate one of the guy’s birthday. I was there for the beer and the smoking which was allowed in the pool. Don’t ask me how we achieve that but we did and I have always thought that seeing people from outside their usual zone like work or drink place will let you see a different and deeper aspect of themselves and so that I did. However the drinking didn’t just stop there.

Back at work on Monday and we hit the bar again and this time was the birthday boy’s turn to thank all of us for showing up at his do over the weekend and I was pretty thrashed the next day but still managed to scrape myself up for an early morning meeting. I didn’t think too much about it until Wednesday when I received another invitation for an ex colleague’s belated birthday do – I excused myself because I didn’t even know that person but still managed to get together with my team for a quick round of happy hours.

So come Thursday, my team put together a small get together for me since I have pre-ampted them my plans for Friday with the girls and I have to say that I was extremely touched that so many people turned up for the do considering that I have only been there for more or less 6 months. People who don’t normally show up for usual functions came and some of them actually made a fuss and insisted to take me out for lunch and such. Guess that’s a lot comparing to my last place where no one remembered. And of course the usual resentment of having to fork out for everyone else’s birthday and your turn never comes around but anyway I guess my turn finally arrived. The beers that flowed since 6 till my last drink for the night – flaming sealed the deal for me.

On the actual day, I was surprised by my smoking kaki – she ordered flowers for me and that I have to say could very well be the 1st that I have received for birthday and though yes it wasn’t from any guys but doesn’t make it less memorable. Dinner with the girls was at a Japanese restaurant and everyone was there prompt and proper and we had some good laughs over the cute waiter. It’s not an easy task getting some of the other girls together and I was very happy that everyone was there. After we ended the night early, I drove over to another colleague’s early birthday get together since it’s Friday and I haven’t had enough of drinks and ciggies yet.

Again it turned out to be really fun and we bumped into a client and their friends were celebrating some birthday or another. Towards the end of the night our party sort of merged into theirs and everyone had one too many drinks, whisky, shots and champagne – there was plenty of singing and kissing and if memory serves me right I made a pass at my boss’s fiancé, well I just remarked that he’s cute and padded his cheek. But then there was this guy from the other party whom I thought was so adorable (and drunk) that I couldn’t help myself but to walk up to him to make a pass at him. At that point he was all over me but sadly mind is working well enough to tell me that I deserve someone better. I was chuffed but at least I got a kiss. It’s amazing isn’t it how a little drinks can do to people? I would never walk up to anyone but hey, I am 27. I am allowed to. I have to say that I had one too many birthdays over the last week and it’s time to put the party and the wandering mind back to work.

Over and all, I was truly truly touched by everyone’s love for me. I am not that special and have never considered myself anything more than well…myself and I am a little uncomfortable over the attention that was showered to me but yet grateful at the same time.


And as for my birthday’s wish? Perhaps a special guy to wish me happy birthday next year.Else, a fabulous 28th then.


Mr Rainbow Man said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope you will get your wish to come true this year. God Bless!

JL said...

banyaknyer parti...

Happy Belated Birthday!

savante said...

We're not all special but you're certainly special to us. So have a wonderful birthday :)

William said...

"Prompt and Proper" is quite unheard of these days. 28 will definitely be better. :D