Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Not a pretty sight

So you know the party (or parties) is officially over when you ran out money/holidays and sadly find yourself parked back at your cubical typing away. While things are supposedly to return back to normality there's still a couple of them who are away on leave and your clients aren't exactly back in town either. Things are going so slow that deciding to either poke your eyes out with a pencil or pull your hair out sounds very promising.

For me, getting out from bed was quite a drag this morning (then again, I am always a drag at work so some say). After surviving a whole day in bed, I have a feeling that I still need to stay in it a little longer. No idea what prompted the surge for vomiting but that was the first thing I did when I woke up on the 1st day of 2008. My mum suggested that it was the drinks but like helllo, why would everyone I spoke to blame it on hangover and etc when all I had was just one measly cup of vodka juice. I think it is more of a reaction or rather protest to the amount of junk that I have consumed over the holidays - from Christmas's roast to Fei Mui's KFC party and the toping of it all - street side burger. I can profess to one thing, it's one thing chowing down a greasy and mayo abused burger but it's nothing watching and tasting it coming out from your throat.

But whatever it is, I think I have already slimmed down alot. Just a mouthful of rice and a pack of crackers (very dry pack indeed) for the whole day was all I could put into my mouth. Flipping my favourite channel, the Asian Food Channel nearly induced me to another purging session. As for today's food tally for the moment: 1 pack of crackers, some fruits. Perhaps I will indulge later tonight. One pack of maggi mee? Anyone? God, I want my Panadol and my bed so badly.

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Janvier said...

Threw up? It must have been the al- we mean, the junk you had the night before. Hope you're feeling better now darlin', or else suffer from being unglam.