Sunday, December 16, 2007

Look backward move forward

As I looked back at the week that has past, I really don't know what I am feeling exactly. I know it's sad that these days I have been reduced to just recap but the whole week has been fucking busy for me. I know...even Cookie is less than amused with me being busy this busy that but really...I am. Busy but happy. So just to clear everything out, I have been caught with some planning work and have to juggle them between what I called my day job which is the execution bit and running out. Sometimes I wished I could just concentrate on one thing but that's just life. Challenges and that's the way I like it.

I am actually writing this as I parked my ass in Pavilion's Starbucks (which btw their service is extremely slow hence congratualations for setting the record for the longest waiting time for drink to be prepared) and I am not saying that as a flaunt. Anyone can afford an RM10++ drinks these days anyway. So it's refreshing to be out of my house for once to just catch up on reading and of course updating this dear blog of mine. The girls are in the cinema right now, visually fed by Golden Compass and it's just not my thing even though Nicole looked absolutely divine and Daniel Craig is such a hottie daddy. There's this guy who asked for a ciggie from me and my name and etc etc and before you go awwww, I think he's straight and anyway let's get back to this before I lose my train of thoughts.

Looking back again, I am extremely happy because I will be reaching my goal which I have set for myself to reach by the time I turn 30. It's actually not that hard to achieve but I am a person who likes to give myself time to build up on the foundations and hence I am not petty with things like promotions and etc but if the time is right, I wouldn't say no to that. Anyway, it's not really official yet but yeah, I am happy. Aside from that, I am in a great agency working with great people and great client and there's just so much to do and learn that I felt that I am running on a drug called work and the ocassional drinks. If only I can skip sleep I could have gotten so much done but I still needs my obligatory 8 hours of sleep.

I think that not only me but everyone else is at a funny stage of their life now that it's year end. No one is really in the mood to work, do things and I can't say that I am not affected by it but I need to push on. Do you know that my boss thinks about work and strategy even when he's on the bowl? He's one person that I really looked up to and aspire to be one day. But it's not to say that he doesn't have a private life - he believes in working hard and playing equally as hard. When it comes to play, it's good too since all my girls are back in town and there's a line up of things to do and enjoy. My sister will be flying home and there's oh so much shopping, lazing and going out to do and I just can't wait. That will be a great finale to a what I saw as a very long year.

It hasn't started as the easiet year for me but I've made good decisions and reaped the benefits. Leaving my old place is now the best decisions that I've made apart from joining advertising. With that, how can one complain? Yes I am still far away from having it all. I am still struggling to afford a Prada or Vuitton bag and yet my peers have moved on to properties and luxury cars or boy toys but I have never compared myself with them in that way. Things will slowly fall into pieces, I am just measuring myself to what I have sought out to do and done them. Everyone around me is at a good place now. It's all new begining, even for me. Sure, some of them have just started their career but there's no need to say that I am at this level and they are at that, just look forward to better things. Even if my foundation is somewhat cemented, there's always something to start (no point looking back and resting on your laurels as I have mentioned previously) and it will be a very hard 2008 ahead for me.

All said and done, it has been not a good year BUT a FUCKING GREAT year. There's only better things ahead - I know and I will make sure I get that, fierce style non the less.

P.S. Why do I have a feeling that this will be my last post for the year? Maybe it's a good thing to be out there doing things instead of talking and writing about them. So Happy early New Year then.


Buaya said...


Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


William said...

Wishing you a fastrack 2008 then!

adrien said...

says "aaaaaaaw" to almost..every line you wrote!

can you like be my role model now? lol

Ah-Bong said...

:P Happy New Year to you too!

savante said...

Yes, a toast to the new year's!

Jonzz said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!