Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Is there nothing left to say?

How do you squeeze a whole week of experiences into words? I guess with my usual bantering style I wouldn’t have too much problem but somehow there’s just so much on my mind that I don’t know where to start. If it was work I would normally start off with a recap of what has happened or last said so it has to be busy busy last week because I had to leave for training over Friday and lasted until Sunday evening.

By then I was really tired emotionally, mentally (which was both very good) and also physically because of abit of partying that we did but that’s another story. Come Monday morning while still being abit raw there was a need to mad rush over work and somehow I found it hard to concentrate. Coupled that with the fact that though I was ok, nobody around me were and I can’t help being pulled into their problems. Maybe I have this new attitude of care which is why I was worried about someone at work – that someone is the nicest person on earth and I can’t help but to feel more than concern for him. Then there’s my manager K who is facing a huge personal problem and I had to call her out to talk over it. Queen Bitch did warn me not to get myself too caught up and sucked into their problems but I think I am doing a ok so far.

Next on my list would be Miss Cookie who is feeling a bit out of the weather lately then I need to tackle Fei Mui and her eating issues. Not tired as yet but can’t help but to feel for them and wished there’s something more than I can do. I need to be strong (as my predication book tells me that this month and next can get abit crucial and dangerous for me) for myself and everyone around me as well. I did my evaluation at work and though it was good, it only added more pressure for me to perform even better and beyond my limits. I can't rest on my laurels and what is good in past is the past. Now there’s more expectations and things to do and next year will be hell.

*breathe in*

I will just think about when the time comes. It’s the end of the year. Let’s all just take it easy. At least for now, please.

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William said...

Yeah, it's time to take a breather. Get a load off.