Tuesday, December 04, 2007

In not too many words

It’s oh so quiet December
Neither warm nor cold can I feel
Noel’s twinkle shines not on me
Its Illumination not reflected from me

Just another season to get by
A long journey ahead called time
It’s not like I am the desperate type
Will get long fine by and by

But if I can muster up the courage
To face the cold as the brave
Chances on you I take
From this winter I would break

But then I am nothing more than myself
And that’s all there is to give and tell
In mid December quiet and dark
The only cold is my heart


adrien said...

omg the poetic side of daniel!

*jaw drops*

Janvier said...

Alamak, Winter Syndrome dah nak bermula.

savante said...

Aiya. Why so sad! Come lah, I buy you candy cane.

Ah-Bong said...


it's cristmas wat... cheer up cheer up!