Thursday, November 08, 2007

What's a boy to do, to do

I am sitting here in the balcony of my bff’s apartment staring out into the view. Things look different when it’s day and it’s the first time that I can see the lake clearly. It’s beautiful and after all I am a water kind of person – poor (or rich cause you need the dough to have a place with a view and adjacent lake) men’s version of a sea view. I have decided to get out of my house as I can’t stand my dad’s constant TV playback on top of the volume and something just strike a chord in me – I bloody need to get out. Be it shopping (more like window shopping) or something. Then again having me out in stores is not going to do my wallet any good and I am not about to risk getting myself embroiled in holiday traffic madness.

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Yesterday was the same though, after a long day and passing over the invitation to Mambo I found myself driving over to my bff’s place. I have sort of become her mistress as everytime her man is not around, there I will be. It’s not too bad, usually we parked our arse at the kitchen, smoking and having a drink while she chatters away about things and life. As a friend you just lend a listening ear but can’t help feeling a little lonely as well. I mean she has her problems and all but at the end of the day, she has her man. Things are not and never will be perfect but easier to pull through at least momentarily if you have someone along the path. Well, we always want something more than what we have anyway.

These days, I found my only orgasm outlet to be my work. Have been shitting in my pants for days as I was rushing out my Deepavali mini campaign and it was just right up to yesterday that we managed to finish recording the radio ad and thankfully, Client approved of it. But that’s not the end of it as I found myself clearing up a whole pile of work that was took a backseat during the execution of this campaign. Yes, it is a bit sad to see people having plans and all – driving away with their partners and shit (funny thing is, people tend to date each another in the agency) but somehow one just have to pull it through, suck it up and finish up all the menial paperwork. But that’s just yesterday and shop talk.

Today is a different thing, nice and chilling out – time moving slowly and it has just started to drizzle abit. I think it’s the year end bug catching up with me with all the usual yearning, whining and pining so bear with me for awhile. But one should thank their lucky stars for all the good thing that is going on. It was just the other day that I was hitching a ride from our local LRT (what am I doing, commuting in public transport? Was in a rush to meet Cookie and Fei Mui for a supposedly fabulous fashion show at Pavilion) that I caught sight of everyday people. It’s nice sometimes to see and observe what people do, wear and interact on all levels and more importantly for a person who works in the field of communications – it’s all about the people. Some looked happy while others are pitiful and doesn’t take a saint to wonder how life is for them. It could be just as menial or worst. But everyone get by. Everyone gets their courage up to wake up in the morning and go to work and earn their honest living. Then they get home to spend the little precious time of their own with whatever and whoever they deemed worthy of it. It doesn’t sound fabulous but that’s just life and we have to make do with whatever we have.

It never fails me to always just look out – view or in view of other people’s life and help me think that I am a lucky sod. Don’t complaint, just get by, have that cigarette on the go and suck it all up. The rain is getting heavier (it never rains but pour) and I need to move my ass in now. Have you ever seen the water when it rains? There are patches here and there that moves with the rhythm of the pour. It’s time like this that you want to do just nothing and stare the day away.


QUIK! said...

omg gurl, maybe i shudn't demand for so many things and just live my life.

ps and i loved the fashion show outing, the best part was The Ship. Bestest moments ever

savante said...

Always good to have time to stop and take stock of life :) An unusually contemplative post for you.

William said...

Hey! I take the LRT daily. You make it sound like it's for peasants!

I like the smell of rain on grass... but now all I get is the smell of rai on bitumen.