Monday, November 12, 2007

Pass The Cheer

Just a quick note that I am very much excited because it’s going to Christmas very soon and it has come earlier to me this year. Queen Bitch gotten me the new Starbucks’ 2008 organizer and I have to say that my friends, all of them have been very good to me. Cookie’ve gotten me the one for last year but this year’s really kick some design ass.

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There was so guys over at work (you know designers) and they would gladly spend tons of money buying miniatures and toys and all those stuff and I found out that this year Starbucks has bought in tons of Christmas themed items so it’s not just the usual bear (which btw cost 50 bucks now) and mugs. I can’t help myself and gotten a pair of these ceramic tree ornament. Not that I will be putting up the tree. I am just too lazy for it.

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I know that I have been behaving quite well of late, vowing not too buy any more crap and I have certainly stuck to that. I mean there’s enough fridge magnets styled Bearista to fill up the whole fridge and it hurts to think how much money was spent on it or rather friends spent on me. I guess some exception need to be made and I made another vow – that’s the only thing that I am getting for myself this Christmas. Come to think of it, I really don’t have anything that I really really want or crazy about. There’s the usual list but thinking about them, I know that it’s something that I can live without. Maybe it is right, for a person who has everything, they need nothing.

I really really love Christmas and it has always been my favourite time of the year. Even better than birthdays and anything else, aside from the presents and beautiful decos, there’s just something wonderfully romantic about this ancient festivity, it’s cheerful yet depressing at the same time. Writing about it certainly got me thinking about all the Christmases in past…

Christmas Past

Best Christmas
Maybe it was the year that I got my first Christmas tree, or perhaps that year in college (it was really post Christmas) where I planned Fei Mui’s so called surprise birthday cum Christmas party or maybe that year we have steamboat at Cookie’s place. Or maybe, maybe the best is yet to come.

Best Christmas Present
Everything that I have received was good, perhaps more memorable than others was the Paul Smith notebook or the first ring that I gotten myself that comes in the turquoise box and white ribbons.

Worst Christmas Memory
Getting dumped on Christmas eve, it wasn’t hurtful because I knew it wasn’t working out but no one deserved or expect to be dumped on that day, no matter how bad a person is. Need not to say, I’ve gotten over it and those Harrods Christmas Chocolate that I have sent was wasted. But they did send me a very pretty looking invoice and thank you note.

Worst Christmas Present
There wasn’t really any bad gifts – maybe no gifts but can’t think of anything bad. Maybe the papaya flavored toiletries set that Cookie lost. It was supposed to be an inside joke among my high school sisters – it’s a horrible Christmas gift that will get passed around one year from one sister to another, depending on how lucky or unlucky you are but of course Cookie have to lose it.

Christmas Present and Yet To Come
So there isn’t any plan this year yet – and by the looks of it I don’t think I will get to nab a fella in time to celebrate Christmas with (always dream of doing that) so it’s back to my friends. Maybe I will snub it like I did last year but seriously it hasn’t always been like this. Back then when I don’t have a lot, I still manage to find joy in preparing and buying presents for friends and not be a Grinch about it. But these days, I can manage better but gotten grumpier and grumpier. There was plenty to be look back at and be thankful of despite what I am lacking now. Maybe a simple dinner with the girls and pop Love Actually on the telly after that. There is certainly the infamous drunkard Christmas party at work to look forward to where they start serving alcohol at lunch and extend to the last man standing.

Since I am not looking out for what to buy for myself and it’s high time to think about just me, me and what I want, it is certainly better to pass the cheer on – buy something for someone and make them happy. Damn, so much for a ‘quick’ note.


William said...

Ohhh, it's advent soon. Like the xmas edition banner, especially the gloved hands on the ass. XD.

To more beautiful christmases to come...

savante said...

Can't wait for Christmas. Gonna do the tree in gold this year. I like tradition.

Buaya said...

Ooo... Christmas is fun... :)

But no plans made for Christmas yet for me also...

Janvier said...

Whoa! You've gotten the 2008 Organizer already! We ourselves are wondering whether we wanna bomb on it ourselves.

Cripes it's plain shitty to break up on Christmas Eve.

savante said...

Hey you watch Love Actually on Christmas too!