Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Me in red

All this talk of Christmas and me deco-ing my blog has gotten me into the winter wonderland mood. What more, I have begin to irritate my colleagues by playing Mimi’s All I Want For Christmas (well, technically someone asked for it). In the midst of all this, I had this big yearning (as I was telling someone about it) to just don on a cute little red cardigan (which I don’t own) with this cuter black skinny tie (which I don’t own as well) over my slim fitting white long sleeved shirt.

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I know it’s really hot here in Malaysia and I guess I didn’t realised that I was channeling the old Beckham here. I had an instant urge to just get down to Starbucks and order my favorite drinks and just hang with the girls. I am unsure about the smoking part because somehow it just doesn’t go with the mental visual. Anyhow all I managed to do was just get home (rather angry cause stuck in the jam) and had dinner.

Over dinner, mum was telling me about this sick cat outside the house and how she managed to whacked it with a broom. I knew that cat. I saw it on Sunday and was telling Cookie about it. I know cats are by far least loved compared to dogs but even so, they are still living beings. Even a dog lover (usually they are anti feline) like Cookie has been kind to a lame cat because at the end of the day, we are all God’s creatures. I felt really sorry for that poor thing but I was too selfish and lazy to do anything about it.

All I did was something that I have not done for a very long time – kneel down and pray. Pray that somehow the poor thing can be relieved of its pain if there’s no chance for recovery. I am not asking for praises or whatever (I am not a saint and needs constant reminder to be kind) but really when it comes to a situation whereby you can’t do anything – nothing is appreciated. Instead of whacking that poor thing, we could have just left it alone. That is good enough. No need to add more misery.

Maybe it’s the holiday spirit or maybe I am on crack but sometimes little kindness doesn’t cost a thing and goes a long way. Me think instead of just spreading and passing on the cheer which I was doing via the Starbucks website, there’s little cheer everyday in our life which we can pass on to. Be it just a simple smile or a cost your nothing prayer for someone who needs it.

Be red. Be a man about it. Pass it on, bitches!


savante said...

You're talking to a guy who wears red at least once a week. :) And my Christmas Tree is all red anyway.

Buaya said...

Happy counting down to Christmas! :)

You can wear the cardigan in office only lah and remove it for lunch... :)

Savante... Red?? As in full red?? Wow... :)

William said...

Poor cat. My mum has a soft spot for them. But she keeps her distance these days. The last stray that she helped stayed on for 10 years. o.O