Tuesday, November 20, 2007


See, this is yet another ranting post - why H&M is sooooooo much better than all the crap out there. Look at the hot mess campaign, look at the prices. And how about the Roberto Cavalli for H&M collection? Snapped up before you can say major and all on ebay now fetching tons of cash.

Check out all that hot shit

For 15 quid, yes I love it, love it, love it

Hot mess. I love it too

Fei Mui, please get us girls something y'all when you go over to the warehouse sale.....PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Annnie said...

Where are those photos from? Are those sale prices? They are wayyyyyy below the retail.

Janvier said...

Blazer? 15 quid? Pas passible!

savante said...

I love the blazer! Get it for me!! ME!!

adrien said...

the H&M in Dubai was a disappointment though. i mean, if what u posted up were actually there, i would've grabbed them already!