Friday, April 06, 2007

Shopping is GOOD for you!

I know and I don’t need science or anyone else to tell me any better. I have been feeling in dumps of late over many things but no time for that now. Will talk about that later. Work has been really busy and I was literally exhausted today and there will be plenty of change to come. Was doing some recording today and saw this kinda cute in a weird way guy, oh well...let's check him out again tomorrow.

Finally got my Coach loot from my cousin and here it is my dear readers. Let’s go through it, shall we?

Okay, so this is technically NOT my loot but rather Upstairs’ Bitch. She ordered a fabulous signature hobo and just take a look at it. I can assure you that the quality is top notch, the workmanship is FANTASTIC. Even the dustbag is softer than my undies as pictured here. Lucky bitch!

Next on the list are the two skinnies, one for me and another for my sister. Mine’s the signature and hers the patchwork. Again, fantastic quality, the touch of the material is soft and is said to repel oil and water.

A fabulous Coach skinny in Malaysia – RM400
The same fabulous Coach skinny purchased in US – RM133
The joy of owing a fabulous Coach skinny and paying just a fraction of it – PRICELESS!

See people, I am quite a sensible shopper after all!

Thanks to Upstairs’ Bitch, she offered to pay for this FABULOUS handphone lanyard on my behalf - as a belated birthday present. Again, it’s all about the quality, quality, quality. So it’s not very apt because my phone is ass crappy (I am extremely stingy when it comes to phone, no idea why) but oh…this just makes my day. Now everyday is a happy Coach day. I like how they match red interior leather with their signature print in front and yes, the engraving is just pure class. Only for RM98. In Bangkok, they were selling for RM200+!!!!

Last but not least, everyone who has been to NYC should not come back without the obligatory I Heart NY T shirt and here it is. Nothing to scream and shout about but hey, it’s FREE and that word translates to PRICELESS in my book.

Ahh….it’s little things like this that makes you come back to your senses and think whats the point of fretting over all the issues and tissues when there’s Coach in this world.

This is for Fei Mui ya’ll, my G-L-A-M-O-U-R-O-U-S soul sister who is all about flying business class up in the sky and drinking champagne living the life. Together now, IF YOU AINT GOT NO MONEY, TAKE YOUR BROKE ASS HOME!!!


Buaya said...

Congratulations... Hee... :p

Remember to rest well and not get too stressed up by work. :)

savante said...

You will call me a bitch but I do have a Coach skinny too :P

thompsonboy said...

OMG The doc himself owns a skinny! Cant believe it