Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stress and sensibilities


Of late, I have been hearing complaints from my sisters about the level of stress from their work and quite frankly I can relate to them. Having been there and still doing that, I am amazed how far I have come. I used to be stressed out from everything at work. I think one of the reason is because of ex boss is always breathing down my neck. It's not exactly a bad thing because that keeps us on our toes and extremely careful with our handlings esp when you deal with deadline that is yesterday and things with changes and happens fast. That contributed to alot of late nights and lack of sleep worrying over this and that details.
When you are in the business of dealing and depending on others, you have no choice but worry. Worried if everyone is doing their part, worried if they are dellivering from internal (art directors, copywriters, traffic and production) to external (suppliers, events management and etc). During my first few weeks at a better agency, I was even more stressed out. The pace here is more controlled even though deadlines are just as tight. No one will bend over and you will have to wait for jobs to be done. Client is not the boss of everything and isn't always right. That is a change because previously if you work in a small agency, why the Client come to you is because of price factor and then your service. There are so many agencies out there and the competition is stiff. Being a respectable agency, the clientale is different - they know we have quality control and respect us for who we are. We are working partners and not treated as supplier. We can refuse a job if we can't complete it because there's no compromise when it comes to quality. We can no if we think something is not working because they trust us having their best interest in mind. You also need to train your client to respect that some jobs require time esp concerning creatives. They are not paying for machine to churn out artwork but rather thinking and breathing creative beings. Having said all that, it is still a business and we still service our client accordingly but with mutual respect.

I have learnt that everything will and always do eventually work out fine. You have your boss and superior over you and they are even more worried because at the end of the day, they are also on the chopping board. They have expectations on what you can or cannot done and is not expecting the world from you. You can always fall back on them and stressed out or not - the sun rill rise and the moon will come out. As long as at the end of the day, you have done whatever that you can, then there's no point stressing over it. Even if you have not done everything, you can always make it up the next day. The best part is also, not many people out there can really work. It doesn't take a lot (just hardwork and abit of smart thinking) to excel. Not being stressed doesn't mean you don't care about your work and no job ownership but rather it shows that you care for your job. Being overstressed is not helpful to your health and mental being and doesn't help you to think objectively which is of no use at the end of the day.

I am glad that I have been given training in a proper agency for over a year now to manage the time and do with what I have and what I can.

So just go home and sleep.


I have heard and read about people questioning their existence and what is the purpose if their life. Well, if you have to ask then you have a serious problem. A person owes it to him or herself to live it to the fullest and heart content as long as they don't hurt anyone in the process. I am sure everyone have been through the depressions and the ups and down - even I have been there myself. But think beyond the depression. You don't need to have a boyfriend or do something on Friday or Saturday. I take my time on Friday, get home and have dinner. If my sister is back for the weekend, we will catch up on gossip and talk about bags. Then there's the satelite TV and books for amusements - really there is so much to do. Catch up on your rest and sleep as well.

Think I can go and and on about what a person can do with their life - the potential is endless. The world is very big. Just live it out and have fun.


Las montañas said...

Its is very difficult to sleep with the stress still in the system.

Jonzz said...

Sounds like you have your ideal job.

savante said...

God, tell me about stress. We both need a break obviously :)