Saturday, March 10, 2007

More questions answered

Friday ended really well for me even though the good news only meant more work and more headache to come. I have finally sold a proposal and while that is a relief for me, the real start is about to start especially when it comes to execution. Then there’s the award submission letter which I managed to get my client to approve – that bloody thing better win something if not make it into the finalist. Seems like the promotion is not too far from horizon now that I have managed to nail a few things down. A win at the Cannes will be great but that’s just a tall order but who knows?

Anyway, since I am in a good mood and all, I have decided to indulge myself with food and also just lounging around practically doing nothing. I would probably need to plan and chart out the whole thing for the execution of my proposal tomorrow. But that’s tomorrow. Today is still here to enjoy. Oh and Disney channel just shown The Little Mermaid and me and my sister used to loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that movie. We used to watch it like more than 50 times and can still remember every scene and lines. Has it been that many years? Things are certainly much more simpler then, Perhaps the problem is that we have grown more complicated.

Definitely wouldn’t hurt to have a holiday to free the mind. I would love to do nothing but lie down on a day bed – fantastic view in front of me, with a book, tea and music. Nothing else. I guess it’s cheaper to do that at home with a little imagination that goes a long way.

Oh well. Back to enjoying my weekend.

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