Monday, March 05, 2007

Lessons learnt over the weekend

Midnight snacks tastes good and being single means happiness

Went out for a spin on Friday night, I was still hungry even though I downed a whole plate of rice a couple of hours earlier and already out and about looking for food. There’s this stall that sells my favorite Sarawak noodles and I got some ‘siew mai’ as well. It feels good to be out on your own, doing what you really want, indulging, spending your hard earned cash and ultimately feel happy about it. And it cost next to nothing to have your tummy filled. That’s really life simple pleasures. If only I can find a way to bottle that feeling of the moment and use it against those moments of depression and unhappiness. Such a waste of time to dwell on unhappy things.
I went to bed right after eating. Yes. Tummy full. No routine sit-ups. To bed. Heaven.

I can’t bloody afford a book that cost RM50

Something which I’ve found out when I was out with Cookie in Ikano over on Saturday. We were there to see what two persons can do with 450 bucks of vouchers and a sale and apparently nothing much which is why we decided to head over to some book sale. The prices weren’t overly impressive though I wouldn’t mind picking up another book by F. Scott Fitzgerald that was on 70%. I loved The Great Gatsby – the whole era of decadent, the rich and famous in their fabulous summerhouses and wonderful color coordinated gears.

Then I found this wonderful photograph book on Asian resorts. Great pictures, just by flipping through it takes you to places. One can imagine visiting these serene and beautiful places. Sitting there to watch the sunset or lazing by pool or something with a drink and a ciggie. Pure indulgence for the imagination and soul too if I may add. I can imagine myself spending hours pondering through it and wished that I could afford a holiday like that. Sometimes wishing and dreaming is half the fun.

But at the end, with a price tag of 50 bucks, I decided that perhaps it would be more cost efficient to ponder on a blank canvas. Maybe then there would be more room for imagination and cost next to nothing. I do enjoy taking my thoughts to bed with me – planning and thinking about wonderful resorts and vacations that never materialize. Esp those late nights with rain pitter-pattering outside on your windowsill.

I really should give it to Cookie girl, he has strong self restrain. If it wasn’t for him, I would have bought that book and regretted that I did not save towards our pledge – for a fabulous holiday next year and a new plan that was hatched over the weekend.

Karl is God and I Heart Chanel

Those who are undisciplined become fat. There is something distasteful about their inability to control themselves. To be thin takes control and rigour," – Karl Largerfeld

Before we proceed, if you have NO IDEA who Largerfeld is or pronounce Chanel as channel, you should skip this and go right to comments (that is, if you want to leave a comment)

Oh my God, with those words I am a converted believer in the House of Chanel and Fendi. Of course I know that this guy is a genius but I never knew he was God. Apparently according to the same article, he detest kids as well, right on sister! I have always been impressed by his haute couture collection – the whole runway showmanship and his ability to maintain the classic Chanel look (tweed and the strong bold monotone suit), its French identity but still edgy enough to relate to.

Fei Mui said that he’s ugly (but what does he know? He likes that rubbish gay, Julien MacDonald) and all but seriously, for a man who is 73 years old – still very active and with fine body posture and all, one should be so lucky. It would take a miracle for me to look even half like that when I turn 70. I would be lucky if I can get to 70 if the weight and my obsession with KFC doesn’t get me first. I spent like a couple of hours watching a documentary called Signé Chanel
on how a couture show was put together. From concept to creation and on the runway to the selling. People often think that fashion is all about glamorous anorexic drugged models and gay designers and to some extend it is true but there’s a lot of thoughts, energy and hard work put to making beautiful garments.

Coco Chanel - chic with ciggie

Now I’ve always wanted to speak out about me and my obsession with fashion. I am not a fashion label slave. I am not deluded enough to admit that in many ways, wearing this and that does wonders to the ego, esp. when people look at them with envious eyes. It’s only natural. To show that you have arrived. You can afford this and that. I don’t know about others but for me it is one step beyond just elevating your image and status. To begin with, I can’t afford them – it’s all on credit and secondly with all the fakes in the market, it kinda loses its shine when everyone from the maid to the cleaner can be seen carrying a monogrammed handbag.

What I appreciate most is the art itself. Designing is an art. Designing wonderful and beautiful article of clothing that makes people feel good about themselves is an art and I am a sucker for art. Well, some complained about the prices but is that a lot to ask when it has years and a heritage of making beautiful and wonderful garments? The quality is undeniably top notch – my belts are made in England and Italy. I was just laughing at Upstairs’ Bitch for buying some stuff from Gap at a full price when the quality is of third world and they are notorious for their sweat shop practices. I wouldn’t go near that place unless the price is marked down at least 50-70%.

Besides the skilled and expensive workmanship that you are paying for, there’s the wonderful material and leather that they’ve used. Some of them have lifetime warranty and repair that guarantee their quality. Someone told me that if you take of your Vuitton, they can outlived the owner! Take example my Polo Ralph Lauren tee, might sound expensive at RM250 a pop – bought when I was in Form 4 (that’s like nearly 10 years). It is still in my closet – wearable, still retains its shape and material and still very fashionable. In fact, I just wore it a few weeks ago. Try wearing a cheap polo tee after 3 years, I can guarantee you that it won’t look like a polo tee anymore. Hell, you won’t have a polo tee anymore. What I am trying to say is that while certain things are expensive, it is totally worth it. The investments actually come back a few fold – it looks good, people knows you look good and it lasts. Its better to own just one piece of a good clothing than many cheap and bad quality ones.

However one have to smart as well when it comes to expensive things. If you want a trenchcoat, you go to Burberry and when you need engagment rings, there’s Tiffany. Don’t just be a fashion victim – many labels loan out their names to other manufactures to use. It doesn’t take a pea brain to figure out that probably Omega watches would be of better quality than DKNY or Esprit. Same goes with those sunglasses and sometimes even cosmetic.

I will leave you with more wonderful Largerfeld quaotes. I need to chart out my starvation plan and last weekend was a disaster. I spent like 10 bucks on drinks.

"The iPod completely changed the way people approach music."
"Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose!"
"People who say that yesterday was better than today are ultimately devaluing their own existence."


Las montañas said...

hey, but you are tall and thin, got lots of room for good food still!

cheap polo Ts? not even 1 year for me. they get a smell after a while.

Buaya said...

Guess if I skipped the later section... Hahaha... :p

savante said...

Books are my one sin - and I simply can't resist!

Yen said...

I also love a good, solidly designed T. Definitely worth the investment.