Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Niel & Cookie Highschool Reunion

Romy and Michele are two former schoolmates who have also been roommates for ten years after the time they graduated, and their lives are far from successful, they can't even get a date. As the 10-year class reunion approaches they try to do something to make an impression on other former schoolmates and finally decide to act as though they are very rich business women who invented Post-It

Sounds like a horror story to me but that's exactly what me and Cookie will be doing come Thursday. We have not met up with anyone from high school for like ages and frankly we don't care. They have given up on us and we love to be tagged super bitch for turning our fabulous nose back at them. Some of them even got married and never invited us. Not that we are dying to go - I rather spend the money on myself than some crappy-late-to-start wedding dinner. And these ppl actually married or are still dating their high school sweetheart. Good grief!

However, since they actually took the time and remember to ask me to come along - I thought what the heck and drag Cookie along. Besides, it's nice to be a super bitch but I don't want to be known as the mega super bitch. Though me and Cookie are not super fabulous (in the job and romance section), we will at least try to dress that part. There have been lengthy discussions on what to wear and how our grand entrance would look like.

Fingers crossed that bitches that I hate back in high school will not be more fabulous than me (well, it's not very hard). If all else fail, we will just leave. After all, I am a super bitch. Now if you will excuse me, I need to pratice my fierce walk ala Miss J.

Speaking on fierce, I found this really hot song - Samantha James's Rise. You can download it here


Buaya said...

Well, good luck!... And try to have some fun... :p

William said...

Ms J? You go girl!!

savante said...

Ooh. We must here all about this gigh school reunion!